Pentax Optio W60 review

Started Dec 2, 2008 | User reviews
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Pentax Optio W60 review

The W60 is a nice, little, well built camera with weatherproof features (I've taken it in a pool and it survived). However it is missing some features and has some performance quirks that would make me look elsewhere if I didn't want it for outdoor sports in inclement conditions.

In auto ISO the W60 tends to select the max ISO possible which results in noisy pics (although better than the Olympus 1030SW--see the camera Compare Sample Images tool at However it is possible to select the max ISO in Auto, so the downside can be limited. AF is slower than my Canon A720IS at tele and low light. The W60 is missing image stabilization and I really miss it after coming from the A720IS.

The W60 battery is a tiny thing and I think affected by the cold: I went skiing with the W60 after fully charging it. When I took it out of my pocket in mid 20 F temps, the battery level indicator was yellow with one bar. So I tucked it inside my jacket, under a layer and checked again later to find the battery level restored to 3 green bars. Having to keep it warm restricts quick access in the cold, especially when trying to move fast while wearing a pack.

Zoom and AF can be enabled during video recording, but noise is recorded from both. Zoom is louder than AF but AF is more frequent.

The snow/beach setting produced nice pics on the snow: white snow, but fairly saturated colors.

Another missing feature is a lens cover of any sort.

On the upside, the W60 has a 'Memory' menu that allows the user to select which settings are 'remembered' through an off/on cycle. A really nice feature.

The face detect button is a nice addition to be able to turn it off. The green button can be configured for easy access to a user selected set of 4 settings.

Pentax Optio W60
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Announced: May 23, 2008
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