Nikon D3X review

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Nikon D3X review

This camera is probably at the moment what market offers best. Only backspot is pricing. One might now say that this page is not made to to complain about pricing. I do not agree since all features of a camera; good or bad start by buying it and here Nikon is far out of reality. It simply also make me laugh when some say that one should not give opinion about a camera one doesn't uses. This is bullsh.. . One can be critical about a camera since all cameras work the same way and someone who ever used any Nikon is into it anyway. There is no difference between a D3 and a D3X except the Sony exmor sensor of 24 mpix. If this one is used and managed in special way similar to the sensor of the D200 once is a separate question and no-one ever will make me believe that this is worth 3000 bucks higher in price.
I do not think that Nikon will make the big deal with that and those who are willed to pay for and care nuts about pricing are not the larger part of Nikons customers.
I will certainly give 5 stars to anything concerning this camera but certainly not for the value for money. A pitty there are no minus stars to click on.


I used the camera 2 days for test not enough to give an allover detail about any disadvantages. The picture quality is Nikon like some color rendering are Nikon usual own way but the sharpness and detail are just amazing. To say that up to
600 iso I did not notice a major difference in picture sharpness and quality between the D3X and Sony's A900.
Maybe I will soon find out what this 3000 bucks are paid for when I rent one for a month or two.

Nikon D3X
25 megapixels • 3 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Dec 1, 2008
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