Nikon D3X review

Started Feb 2, 2009 | User reviews
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Nikon D3X review

Well, I finally took the plunge and pick-up one of these babies. And yes, I do own a D3x unlike several who decided to mark the ratings down on this fabulous system based on pricing alone. I remember when the first Canon 1Ds entered the Canadian market, it was priced over 12,000 The Canon 1Ds Mark 2 was approximately $9000.00 for several years before the Mark 3 entered the market. The D3x is a tool for the working professional and or for the extreme hobbyists who may have deep pockets. Price aside, the D3x is quite simply the finest 35mm SLR system on the market today, bar none. From a professional’s standpoint that demands this level of performance from a camera system, this… in itself is justification for dishing out the funds. OK, enough about the price. I’ve played with this system for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is that the image quality from the D3x are quite simply… awesome! The level detail it resolves is truly amazing not to mention, that famous Nikon feel with respect to both the colors and dynamic range. The images have a tremendous level of resolution without looking over processed. One of the issues I had with the Sony A900 when viewing the images at 100% crop. And yes, there are differences between the 2 sensors. Nikon’s proprietary micro-lens technology has been utilized on the Sony based sensor and also uses a totally different pipeline. You simply cannot compare the 2 systems especially in low light conditions. The ability to crop the images from the D3x is virtually boundless. The D3 body, which the D3x is based on, is superb with ergonomics to match. It goes without saying; you must use Nikon’s finest lenses and your abilities as a photographer to get the most from this system.



Nikon D3X
25 megapixels • 3 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Dec 1, 2008
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