Samsung S85 review

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Samsung S85 review

When I was looking for a compact camera, I was in doubt about Canon and Samsung, because the features of them. In this case, no other brand have so much features than Samsung.
The S85 camera has a interesting manual mode (which you can control shutter speed and lens apperture manually), a great sharp image (with many levels of sharpness and compaction) that shows good colors (with an option to saturate/desaturate), many effects and portrait modes, an excellent macro (1cm), good-range flash and 5x of optical zoom. The digital zoom are good too, it doesn't damage too much the photos like other cameras. The video recording are good and with many options too. In a resume, it's an excellent camera, with so many options that no other camera in your category has. And better: all of this by a low price. I've bought mine by R$ 380,00 (something around $190,00). I recommend!


Nothing is perfect, of course... The S85 spends a lot of battery, which may take some recharges during one day while you're learning how to use all the features of the camera. I use original GP batteries (2500 mAh) that use to last something around 2-3 days. But alcaline batteries are not recommended. It lasts less than 1 hour. I recommend to use good and original batteries (like GP, Duracell and Sony), at least 2500 mAh or more. I guess it's the only negative point. One thing that I missed in the S85 too was the option to make panoramic photos. But it's possible to do it with an tripod and Photoshop, so, it's not a negative point.

Samsung S85
8 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 38 – 190 mm (5×)
Announced: Jul 12, 2007
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