Canon PowerShot SX10 IS review

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Canon PowerShot SX10 IS review

Bought this model for its wide angle, swivel LCD screen and external flash hot shoe.
Otherwise, there are other smaller, lighter models in the market.
There is actually a filter thread to mount a 52mm UV.


1. Too heavy.
2. Purple fringing.
3. Jog dial not sturdy, will accidentally press the 4-arrow functions while turning
the wheel.
4. Minimum focus distance: 0.5m in wide angle and 1m in full telephoto. That's just
not enough to take close-up even when the macro is activated.
5. Have no idea how "C" on the dial button is used without referring to the manual.
6. To check the shutter and aperture settings under Playback mode, the image is
reduced to half the size because there are other complete detailed information
clustered on a small 2.5" LCD screen. Otherwise, the playback image only displays
number of frame, image quality and date.
7. Built-in flash always over-illuminates portrait's face.
There are only 2 options under the Flash button: Auto Flash or Forced Flash. To
access other settings eg. slow sync, red-eye reduction you must go into the Menu
to make changes. Worse still, the is no display of "slow sync" on the LCD under
shooting mode, it's a normal Auto Flash display, and you may end up having a
shaky shot unaware. While other compact cameras offer easy access flash options
eg. slow, forced, soft, red-eye, off, auto... Canon is definitely falling behind.
8. Panorama scenes after being taken for a continual shots, you must stitch them
on a computer, not within the camera. What a joke, even my mobile phone can do
an integrated job.
9. Lens barrel distortion is obvious at 28mm.
10. The manual says the focus point is "Flexi Zone", but there is in fact 1 zone in
the centre and you cannot move the point.
11. Electronic view finder is a let down. There is no real improvement since S1 IS
days in 2004.
12. Taking a still shot during video taking leaves a pause and a shutter click sound.
13. The green auxiliary focusing light is very irritating. It's like an aiming laser
shooting into your subject's eyes.
14. You have to buy a lens cap string to attach to the body, otherwise I'll guarantee
you'll lose the cap in no time.
15. The 230k pixel LCD is just enough, but a 400k for this range of camera seems
more logical. The difference in display quality is vast.
16. For privacy reason, I'd prefer a "hide image" option for your selected shots
during playback, like the old Nikon Coolpix does.

Canon PowerShot SX10 IS
10 megapixels • 2.5 screen • 28 – 560 mm (20×)
Announced: Sep 17, 2008
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