Canon PowerShot SD960 IS / Digital IXUS 110 IS review

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Canon PowerShot SD960 IS / Digital IXUS 110 IS review

Europe name - Canon Ixus 110 IS
I bought this camera for my wife, before this camera she owned a Samsung NV10 (myself 5D).
I have to say that for this range the camera makes good quality pictures, not excellent, Ixux 70 made better foto's to mu opinion (i could be wrong).

That is makes good photo's is important, but above of all, the ease if use is really excellent! The device let controll itself very simple with those few buttons that is have. I can compare this to Ixus 90, that's a horrible camera to operate!

The 4x zoom is nice, more then enough for this type of camera's. Maybe 5x zoom would be nice for the future.
And it's doing 4x digital zoom. Its using digital zoom when making a movie. What i like about it, is you that you don't hear the motor zoom noise while recording.

The IS on this camerea really works. Compared to the Samsumg (a few years old), the Ixus is doing really it's best to compensate, nice!! Most important, it works.

The 720p video. This is trulley a very nice feature! Recording in 720p @ 30 frames is incredible to do with this camera. The video result is absolutly better then the video's i made with the Samsung or with the Ixus 90. It just looks good. Didn't watched on a 42" TV, but on a 15.4" laptop. it looked very good there! as menstioned before, zoom is digital. When u zoom in at 4x, u are able to see very clearly the interpolation. Using the zoom isn't good for the film quality. The length of the movie u can shoot is 4GB (aprox 30 minutes) per file.

The recorded sound shooting the movie is good.

The 2.8" 16:9 LCD screen is good. Brightness is good, the sharpness is good, the resolution is good.

Overall, nice camera, only the price (280~320 euro) is very high for a such camera. But she liked the pink collor

Canon also introduced Ixus 990 IS, is can't see the justification to pay a higher price for that camera. The only benefit is a 5x zoom. And for that is starts with f3.2, the Ixus 110 starts with f2.8 and have a 16:9 LCD screen.
Going to DSLR, you pay a fortune to get f2.8 lenses.

That makes the Ixus 110 a better choise.


Untill now nothing.

Canon PowerShot SD960 IS / Digital IXUS 110 IS
12 megapixels • 2.8 screen • 28 – 112 mm (4×)
Announced: Feb 18, 2009
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