Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 review

Started Jul 6, 2009 | User reviews
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Sony Alpha DSLR-A700 review

This is an excellent camera. Tough. Fast. Simple. Reliable.

This camera is extremely fast and responsive at 5 frames per second and minimal lag time from recording to reviewing. The shutter sound is also music to my ears.

It has user-friendly controls, wonderfully placed buttons, and a very well laid-out interface.

It also has a beautiful lcd screen. I will repeat, a beautiful screen. It makes reviewing and correcting your shots right in the middle of the field very easy and convenient.

Other wonderfully useful features: fast and accurate center-point auto-focus system; image stabilization which allows you to use 1/20 speed without hesitation (combined with high speed continuous shooting) handheld (useable more often than you think).

More good news, as of July 2009, you can get this camera for only about $800. You won't need live view and video recording if you're a serious photographer. What you will be needing is a big, bright and clear pentaprism viewfinder coupled with a vivid high-resolution lcd screen.

Bottomline, I've had this camera for over a year, have taken about 30,000 shots and still find this camera fantastic even when compared to the newer dslrs. You will not have any regrets with the A700.


Avoid the DT 18-70mm kit lens. It's a shameful lens that should have never been paired up with this camera. Go for the DT 16-105mm kit lens. Or better yet, get the 50mm f1.4 and you have a high-end low-light system. You won't need anything else.

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Sony Alpha DSLR-A700
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