Ricoh CX1 review

Started Jul 29, 2009 | User reviews
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Ricoh CX1 review

This is the first Ricoh consumer model (previous R, now CX) that can produce consumer-good pictures with consumer-handling. Just dial in the Easy mode, press the button, and enjoy.

If you don't like the always glossy well-sharpened, well-saturated, face-focused result, you can still take control over this beast and produce pictures with that little extra edge, and with this camera it is both fun and easy (if you understand what you are doing). It's still a consumer-grade camera though, so it doesn't offer full control, or smashing image quality at wall paper-sized print outs. But it's a really good bang for the buck, and a slim versatile companion on your road to explore they joy of photography!

Ricoh CX1
9 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)
Announced: Feb 19, 2009
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