Ricoh GR Digital review

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Ricoh GR Digital review

Easy to use, fast operation. The noise do not bother me, not even in color-mode.
I like the camera's ability to produce good B&W-pictures the macro is great too.

In colour its images have a nice film-like look, although not quite as good as the Minolta Dimage EX 1500 wide/zoom which is excellent in that regard.

The Grd can be very silent as long as one stick to snapmode instead of the usual autofocus.
At least for me I've found that centre-metering works best and spot in combination with macro-focus in difficult light that the Grd can struggle to handle properly without some input.

Build quality is good with exception for that battery/memory card door which not is gonna break too easy I think, but still have a flimsy fiddly feel to it.


This is a good camera but which both could and should have done better in some areas.

AF sometimes locks on the background though it is obvious what the target should be.
There are not any focus-points to select between either + the AF is a little loud unless you uses snapmode.

Raw-writing is a little bit slow. Just about 9secs as fastest and it depends on what card are being used.
Panasonic seems to work well though.
AWB should be better and could have been firmwared out - Something that Panasonic did with their LX3.

Auditive wise it is a very noisy camera I've to say. Though the shutter don't make much noise and can be pretty silent as well if one uses snapmode instead of the usual AF. Startup/shutdown is always going to be noisy though.
For stealthshooting I prefer my Ricoh Caplio 400G wide (based on the G4 wide) which I found to be very silent after initially having bought a used one for some simple underwater pictures that I want to take sometimes.
Also, the zoom on the 400G is covered by the sealed housing and people don't know if it is turned on or not as a result. Especially since I removed that silver-ring at the front of the zoom to make it even more discreet.

Also The metering of the GRD is sub par compared to many other models. As soon as it faces mixed light with shadows and light up areas it start to blow these highlights and it is not always easy at all to work around and have even cost me a good picture or two because I've had to fiddle help the camera to get it right.

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