Canon PowerShot SD880 IS (Digital IXUS 870 IS) review

Started Sep 13, 2009 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot SD880 IS (Digital IXUS 870 IS) review

I have had this camera for 12+ months and it has really become a user. Years ago I had a G3 and then when the G7 came out minus so many G6 features ( f2.0 lens, rotating screen, etc) I went and bought 4 G6s.

I have been shooting for 40+ years, using everything from Kodak Retina folding rangefinders to my current Canon 50Ds. What so sells me on this camera is the ergonomic design. One can easily operate it with one hand. I have an old Pentax UC-1 35mm rangefinder which also was so so so easy to use with one hand. The screen is superb even in bright sunlight. The wide angle results are in my mind excellent. I also shoot with a Canon 16-35 and a Nikon 20mm AF D fixed using Canon 50D and Nikon D200 SLRs. At wide angle the 880 is very very decent, vignette effects are minimal, and all is acceptably sharp indeed.

I would like to say that the noise issue which everyone seems to harp on is really NOT that big of an issue, at least for me. I shoot at low ISO ( <400) so personally for my shooting style I feel it is a non issue. Because the camera can so easily be adjusted, flipping from ISO 400 to 80 is a snap. Also, the grid lines which one can optionally turn on are a great help for composing pictures and keeping the horizon level in landscape photography.

My next camera will likely be a micro four thirds (MFT) camera, but until then, this SD880 gem will keep on chugging, along with my many Canon G6 models. Oh yeah...and so will my Kodak Retina IIa if only for nostalgia. I see the price has spiked on this camera at some of the dealers as of September 2009.


It is so small that I sometimes misplace it for several days. The optional hard leather Canon case that fits tightly to my belt is superb, and has all but eliminated this problem for me.

Canon PowerShot SD880 IS (Digital IXUS 870 IS)
10 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 112 mm (4×)
Announced: Sep 17, 2008
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