Samsung TL225 (ST550) review

Started Mar 21, 2010 | User reviews
Colin Ooi New Member • Posts: 14
Samsung TL225 (ST550) review

This is a camera that I have been looking for - a front-facing LCD to take holiday shots of me and my good lady, using an "arm extender" (e.g. Quikpod). In theory I should be able to take such shots accurately. However in practice the front LCD is too small and not bright enough outdoors to make it of any great practical value (for use with an extender). Of course it's ok held at arm's length. More disappointingly, the image quality is just not good enough for a "premium" compact. Regardless of what setting I use virtually all shots are soft, lack detail, and washed out. AF is also rather suspect. Beautiful main LCD of course, with over 1.1MP display, but don't be fooled by it....the acid test is whether the images are good on your large PC monitor! Perhaps I got a dud, but I am returning it. I await the return of swivel screen LCDs which can face forward if required.

Samsung TL225 (ST550)
12 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 27 – 124 mm (4.6×)
Announced: Aug 13, 2009
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