Sigma DP2 review

Started Mar 30, 2010 | User reviews
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Sigma DP2 review

I've had my DP2 for about 3 months now and find it a joy.

Yes it has limitations, but I was aware of all that before I decided that it was the right camera for my style of photography.
Note that some of the early horror stories have been fixed with firmware upgrades - I have not had the camera freeze on me ever.
Once you get used to the quirks they become second nature - but I'm only using the DP2 - I can understand that people switching between cameras might find it's idiosyncracies annoying, but not an issue for me.

If you read the forum everyone bangs on about the "filmlike foveon look" - Not sure if it is wish fulfillment, but I think it's true, my prints do seem to have a warmth that I used to get with Kodachrome.

IQ in a small package was my prime requirement - and that has been met in spades.


Nothing I cant live with.

For me the main weakness is the poor battery life. particularly noticeable during the recent cold weather. If you shoot liberally, get at least 2 spare batteries. (Hopefully this issue will be addressed in the new DP2s.)

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