Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7 review

I've had this camera only for a day.
These are my impressions so far (please take into account that I haven't fully
explored all the features of this camera).

First a quick explanation of my ratings:

Construction 4.5 - basically excellent: slim, solid, nice movement of the sliding lid,
fantastic glass (confirm?) display, zoom cleverly incorporated inside the camera
body (in my opinion the best solution for compact cameras) - only drawback the
tiny control buttons and particularly the zoom control which will inevitably move
your camera as you operate it, but this is compensated by a very good positioning.

Features 5 - the features in this camera are simply amazing and need an extensive

Image quality 4.5 - the lens is not that great and neither is the sensor (but this is
expectable from a consumer camera of this size) however this inevitable drawbacks
are compensated by how every still is processed immediately as you shoot (lens
aberration corrected, most noise reduced by taking several quick exposures of the
shot - HDR). Basically the processor works out a little magic every time you press
the shutter button. The only limit in terms of quality is the lack of RAW or
uncompressed file option.

Ease of use 5 - I haven't fully tested the camera but all operations seems very
intuitive and you can customise some frequently used functions. The touch screen
helps a big deal

Value for money 4.5 - I paid about £300 for this camera from an online shop and I
think that's pretty good value for money ... but it's always possible to do better

Overall I'm very happy with this purchase and I'll have always handy a camera to
shoot on the go that produces good quality images.

I'd recommend it above any other to anyone looking for a quality pocketable


One problem with the touch screen: when browsing images stored in the memory
card and zooming in to check the details moving around an image is not as smooth
as one would imagine.

Another problem I've encountered is with the Party-shot accessory (the intelligent
pantilter IPT-DS1). The option of having the camera operate itself when attached to
this little device was very important for me as that means all the people taking part
to a gathering will be in the photos including myself and also images will be more
natural because taken when people don't expect them.

Well the problem with this accessory is that it was released to the market before this
camera and some batches don't include the necessary adaptor for this camera.
That's what happened to me: basically I can't use the IPT-DS1 with the TX7
because neither came with the adaptor to connect them one another. I have told
about this problem to the shop and to Sony but I'm still awaiting for a definite
response that will solve the problem.

So watch out if you want to use this camera with the Party-shot as you might not
be able to connect the camera and the accessory for the lack of the necessary

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX7
10 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 25 – 100 mm (4×)
Announced: Jan 7, 2010
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