Samsung TL240 (ST5000) review

Started Jun 9, 2010 | User reviews
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Samsung TL240 (ST5000) review

This camera is an great camera.
Image qality is great for an point and shoot camera.
this camera is fast in operations,quick focus and fast whriting to the card.
the LCD is awnsome,great view..
the camera work exelent with flash to,an little underpowerd at 3 to 5 meter in iso 80

Easy to use,and easy to load pictures to computer,and charge batterie at the same time.

My only consern is thad high iso is not good.
best is stay to max iso 400
While I use alot of point and shoots,it is one of the best I have.
and every firm nikon canon and others use high pixels CCD or Cmos and more pixels mean more noise.

When wil firms understand it is not only the pixels thad count,but better lenses,and better high iso,is just bejond me.

I can recoment this camera for use between iso 80 and 400
I cannot recoment this camera for high iso pictures,visible noise start from iso 150 and up.


No problems,but micro SD instead of SD is abit low to the ground.
While everyone step to normal SD this camera work only with micro SD

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Samsung TL240 (ST5000)
14 megapixels • 3.5 screen • 31 – 217 mm (7×)
Announced: Jan 6, 2010
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