Canon PowerShot S90 review

Started Jun 25, 2010 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot S90 review

AWESOME compact camera.
I'm a DSLR user and I get awfully frustrated whenever I use a compact cam. I had a Fuji F30 whose limitations I could live with since its IQ was not bad. I lost it and needed another compact since I can't take my D90 everywhere.
I tried a F70EXR and was very disappointed with it. So I searched all available reviews and decided that I had to pay the price for a high quality device I'd be satisfied with.
I found a 2 month old, like new S90 for a good price and grabbed it.
Overall I'm VERY pleased with the camera. Build is excellent, body is stylish and sleek looking. Operation is fast and smooth for a compact, and IQ is brilliant. Color rendition is very faithful and you have a load of options to customize it with.
I use it mostly in Av mode, but I can see the Scene modes do a pretty good job, and you can hand it to an unexperienced user and they'll still grab good pictures.
The LCD is beautiful and large, all the controls are well placed and highly customizable.
All in all I now feel confident my D90 can stay at home when I'm too lazy to lug it around.
I don't think I'll need another compact in a loooong time.


I have not had problems with the back wheel rotating by itself, maybe because I was made aware of this issue by many reviews and took extra care not to move it by accident...
I can use ISO 800 with total peace of mind, above of course the IQ degrades pretty much, but still much better than any other compact I have tried.

Canon PowerShot S90
10 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 105 mm (3.8×)
Announced: Aug 19, 2009
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