Olympus Stylus 9010 (mju 9010) review

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Henry Falkner
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Olympus Stylus 9010 (mju 9010) review

I can use up to 32GB of SD or SDHC memory in the Stylus 9010. The 2GB already built in got me started right away. With a 16B Sandisk Extreme SDHC card I get a useable 14.8 GB - the built-in 2GB becomes a buffer. The Li-50B (925 mAh) battery needs a 2.3 hour charge - in the camera, either from a computer USB2 connection, or from a supplied charger via the same USB 2 lead. I still may go for the optional stand-alone charger.

Both stills and video record with either 'NORMAL' or 'FINE' quality. With stills and video, the compression changes from high to low, the video frame rate is 30 frames per second. The focussing (although not perfect) is the most reliable I have experienced so far on an Olympus P&S or super-zoom.

At low and high ISO the picture quality is better than I got from the Stylus 7020. The 10x zoom pictures have as much detail as those of the SP-570 super-zoom and the Stylus 7020, but less noise than the Stylus 7020.

Getting the histogram and the settings on the same display is a time saver and avoids getting caught with the old special settings used the day before.

Video image quality is an improvement at VGA resolution over the Stylus 7020. I recorded twice over 1 hour of HD720p video (limited to 29 minutes per take) at 'FINE' quality on a single battery charge, and 1.5 hour at VGA FINE quality in a single take, with some battery charge remaining.

The sound is 48 kHz bandwidth (FM broadcast quality), but still mono. Since I record Morris dance gigs with the camera mounted on my accordeon, as well as lecturers at the other end of a conference room, the range of recordable volumes and the frequency response were the main reason for buying the Stylus 9010 rather than another make.

The Stylus 9010 keeps working during short periods of rain exposure for stills and video. But the instructions promise hell and damnation if you rely on that.

The price was less than that of the Stylus 7020 last year. I needed to retrieve some deleted images and discovered three that I had not taken. It may be a returned camera then, but after two weeks I still cannot find anything wrong with it.


The 'latch' on the socket cover is just a small protrusion in the molding - will it last?

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Olympus Stylus 9010 (mju 9010)
14 megapixels • 2.7 screen • 28 – 280 mm (10×)
Announced: Jan 7, 2010
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