Nikon D300S review

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Nikon D300S review

I had the camera for almost a year now and enjoy using it since the first day. It is a very well build, solid camera. The image quality is excellent once the use and the proper configuration is learned. The camera has a huge number of parameters to set up and the factory default may not be suitable for everyone, so user configuration may be necessary. It is definitely not a camera for those who are afraid of complex cameras.

Auto focus is lightening fast and accurate. The ISO noise is low even at very high ISO if the image is exposed right. Beware of the anti dust function. It is off by default.

I have upgraded from Olympus E-3. The D300s is no doubt a better camera in every way. I miss the swivel screen but the resolution of the LCD is just amazing, as opposed in the Olympus cameras. The Auto WB works better as well, more reliable and precise in colours.

Some of the cons are:

- Pixel mapping is not available from the menu.
- Swivel screen of the Canon G11 or Olympus type would be an advantage.
- Easier access of some menus would be desirable.
- Eyepiece rubber is not good. Had to replace it with the Olympus EP-6.


No problems so far.

Nikon D300S
12 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Jul 30, 2009
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