Excellent for compact at low ISO.

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Excellent for compact at low ISO.

Excellent for compact at low ISO. I 've been using it for 5 months (i bought one second hand for 200€). I also have a Canon 500D 18-200IS. I ve ended up using more the S90 as I can always carry it with me. It is a good camera compared to all compacts. SLRs of course are better but allot bigger as well
Image quality:
* Very good with noise especially with low ISO (80-100), where results are acceptable with virtually no noise. Due to bright lens (f:2 at 28) iso can be kept low even in low light conditions. Noise handling is acceptable for even a DSLR user, but keep iso low.
* Sharpens is also good at low iso. Default contrast is high for my taste.
* Dynamic range is NOT good compared to SLR but typical for compact (Except fuji EXR sensors). You can easily burn bright parts of the photo (sky, windows when in rooms, etc). You often need to underexpose.
* Colour is oversaturated when default colour settings are used.
ease of use:
Alot of professional settings which even my 500d dont have. Two customizable jogs (back and a front ring) and a custom button is all you need for smooth handling.
excellent f2 at 28mm, but drops to f5.6 at 105. Fall off and distortion is digitally (software) corrected by camera making it look perfect.
I don really use it, but it appears it constantly overexposes, so i have to underexpose (it has separate flash compensation settings). I hate the motorized pop up of it (no spring). It can cause accidents (fall of camera).
Very responsive for COMPACT. But not even close to SLR.
Ok for a full day. I have also bought a second one (second party) from ebay for 5€


it droped when switched off from 1m. When switched on lens jammed (lens error). I paid 60€ plus shipping for repair (no spare part needed only fixing of original lens). Do NOT use flash on Auto. It will jump and scare someone holting it causing camera to fall.

I would prefer a 24mm and a true 3:2,16:9 (not crop) like the panasonic LX5. By the way it does NOT have 3:2 option (crop at least) but only 4:3 (native), 16:9 (crop)

Canon PowerShot S90
10 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 105 mm (3.8×)
Announced: Aug 19, 2009
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