Front focus problems in artificial light (severe in tungsten)

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Front focus problems in artificial light (severe in tungsten)

I sold my Canon 350D and I wanted a camera to help me in my passion, the astrophotography. It's a nice camera (speaking about appearence), a good construction quality, I owned one. Unfortunatelly, I was forced to send it back and ask my money back. The front focus problems in artificial light was too annoying for me.
The sensor is capable in low light, although the noise artifacts are visible from 800 ISO. Pentax cheated more than other competitors at its RAWs, because they are soft, probably because of a noise reductions, meaning that RAWs don't seem to be totally RAWs. Good 6 fps rate for action shots, but the AF system (without tracking) don't help.
I believe that Kx is a better choice, despite the absence of some features.
Pentax must improve its public relations services, QC and, especially, his AF systems.


SEVERE front focus especially in tungsten light but, also, in other artificial light are big issues of this Safox 9 AF system. The inconsistency of AF system bothered me. It is very rapid, but not at all accurate. Pentax had always problems with AF systems...

EDIT: Despite the above comments, the firmware 1.01 DON'T SOLVE the front focus problems. Maybe much expected v. 1.02, but neither 1.03 firmware of K5 didn't solved the front focus problem, just improved a little bit the focus in artificial light, so I don't believe in a solution for Kr in v. 1.02.

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