Fast camera with lots of feature and crisp images

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Fast camera with lots of feature and crisp images

I was looking for a SLR with video possibility. I looked for such devices for long time. Pentax k-x, k-r and Sony SLT A-33 were in my short list. My preset was on Pentax k-x before I go to buy it for budgetary reason. When I have used k-x, I have disappointed with the Live view auto focus speed. I have seen k-r nearby on the shelf and wanted to use it. Gosh it was flying with my click. I loved the magnifying rectangle on the screen during auto focus in live view. It fits to hand. The feel and look is very expensive while the price is relatively cheap to this class of camera. The auto focus speed is superb. The reasons of Pentax k-r in my short list were crisp image quality, HDR, High ISO, CMOS sensor. The back panel design is so simple and intuitively you start to use buttons. Menu structure is so simple for the most frequently used functions and it is displayed with very big characters in order to let you see the selections. I haven’t seen in many SLR cameras in this class about the filters that are provided within Pentax k-r. Pentax k-x had the same filter feature but definitely the processing speed of Pentax k-r is so fast compared to k-x. I have also bought an old second hand zoom lens from 1970s from Tokina. Unbelievably it works with Pentax k-r. Needless to say no auto focus with this lens, but it's ok till I replace it with a brand new lens. I'm so happy with the k-r decision instead of k-x or Sony. I have used Sony SLT A33 for 2 months or so. But the build quality and image quality is not comparable to Pentax k-r, although both cameras have similar ISO values, HDR, and continuous shooting values etc. The battery compartment of Pentax k-r has a chance to use 4 AA batteries with an adapter into the battery compartment. But adapter is not included in the package. I liked high ISO image quality. There is noise but as you all know it is normal. In spite of high ISO noise, the image is clear and recognizable.
Before I buy it, I was thinking that live view would be the one I will use mostly with this very large and quality screen of 920K dots. But I preferred to use the viewfinder. Continuous shooting is 6fps and it is super fast for the sports and action shots.


It has an incorrect AF rarely. But new firmware update can correct this problem. I didn’t install it yet. Camera cannot autofocus on just white platform. Keep in mind.
I was looking for a camera with both still image and video recording. Pentax k-r cannot capable of auto focus during movie recording. Most of the SLR camera cannot either. A translucent mirror technology can be a solution to that. It was just a personal preference. So I cannot rate it as cons. But overall video is not so successful.

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