Not for pockets

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Not for pockets

I bought this camera to carry round in parties in my pocket. Unfortunately its not good for that due to weak lens. After one year of usage an error has popped out. Lens fails to move out or sucks on half way. Display shows lens error. Took it to service once, but after receiving it as repaired (replaced lens) in the same day same again - lens error. Took it again to service. Will see if they can fix it...

While I was using it I was generally satisfied with quality and everything. The problem is if you keep it in pocket. On/off button got pressed in my pocket all the time. So lens popped out and stuck multiple times. Now I am considering getting another camera (a this probably wont last much longer). Main thing that I will look for is a switch that allows to select how camera starts when it is turned on and I will always put it on preview on start up. If this camera would not automatically push out lens every time when on/off is pressed it would last much longer (perhaps).


lens pops out when camera is turned on (cannot make it to power up in preview mode)
lens error afterwards appeared with no dust or shaking. It might be due to previous usage, but I have read that this is quite common problem for this camera.

Don't buy it as pocket camera.

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