Good P&S compact (for its price)

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Good P&S compact (for its price)

For a holiday in Greece we wanted to minimize on luggage (spouse has a wheelchair and we have to economize) so left DSLR at home. And bought this camera as a P&S just for holiday pictures to be displayed on PC/TCV screen only.

From the 400+ pictures only a few had to be deleted (flower unsharp, background sharp, while I wanted.... that kind of things, probably my own fault, too hasty).
Even pictures in a church with ISO upto 1250 are OK on a HD PC screen.

Optical zoom 8* with O.I.S. is usable.

For the purpose we bougth it its gives a lot of value for €122 I paid for it (and well worth to have some nice pics of a good holiday trip). But don't expect shutter/diafrag user setting. Just P&S.

Looking back to some older P&S I have, the quality has been remarkebly improved. Okay comparing it to a Minolta X from 2002 is a little bit unfair. But that camera cost 3 times as much (and was a good bargain at that time).


LCD in brigth sunlight is not too good.
Startup time for using zoom could be better (takes a second or 2 after switching camera on).

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 (Lumix DMC-FS30)
14 megapixels • 2.7 screen • 28 – 224 mm (8×)
Announced: Jan 6, 2010
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