Not impressed at all - listen to dpreviewers!

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Not impressed at all - listen to dpreviewers!

My Canon Powershot A620 broke after 6 years (I have always been very satisfied with the image quality) and thought I should be able to get a decent camera providing the same image quality (if not better) for a fair amount of money.

I have been reading a lot and liked the high-res display, the number of options and settings and the possibility to upgrade the firmware. As much as the image quality is concerned, most of the reviews were positive but the review of dpreviewers was rather bad - while I decided to ignore their review, thinking they might have different expectations than most consumers.

So I ordered it via Amazon and created some standard test pictures inside and outside, with different settings and the result was: extremely disappointing and frustrating! The image quality is really poor (in my opinion) and when you zoom in a bit, you can hardly recognize anything. The camera software seems to heavily manipulate the images, I do not like them at all (asides of the quality in general). For me, these pictures look like as if they had been taken with a cellphone camera or blackberry.

This 10,2 mp camera completely fails in comparison to a 7,1 mp camera that has been bought 6 years ago - I returned it to Amazon as I wouldn't have had any fun creating photos with it.

What surprises me is how different the reviews and opinions are...investigate yourself but don't just blindly trust the positive reviews. You may or may not be happy with the camera.


Image quality in general

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