Streets ahead

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Streets ahead

Have just moved from my trusty A100 to the A580 and it is amazing. The camera is so much more responsive. Quicker focus, accurate light metering, quick recovery when using flash (no noticeable delay - you seem to be able to shoot just as fast as without the flash) Took three hundred photos, most with the flash yesterday and yet the battery was still showing 74% of capacity still available.

Even long shots, using the 250mm end of the lens, across the room, were well lit by the flash. The A100 flash was as effective as a VW 6 volt system in comparison.

Like the two memory card slots. It means you can have your 'spare' card ready for the flick of a switch. No need to look for the camera bag and fumble to remove full card and replace with new one. It is already there and just needs the cover opened and a slide of the switch.

Handles as if I have had it for years rather than just to hand. Lashed out and bought the Sony DT18-250 F5.3-6.3 lens and this makes it a really great package. Across a large room full of people the combination gave me some great shots and nearly all perfectly exposed.

Must also mention how great the panorama function is. So simple to use. Turn dial to panorama. Point to left of scene, press shutter and then sweep slowly to right as camera 'clicks' away. Wait a few seconds, yes, few, and there you have a panorama. Even works for reasonably well lit interior. The first one I did was inside a large shed with half a dozen clear roofing sheets providing the light.

Should also add that I've not had to resort to the handbook yet - I'm a 'when all else fails ...' believer. A good camera should be intuitive - and the A580 is. Even with buttons changed around and new functions added it is all simple to pick up. For $AU1260 the combination is fantastic and I'm glad I made the change. Looking forward to continuing to enjoy this wonderful camera.


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Sony Alpha DSLR-A580
16 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Aug 24, 2010
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