Small lens with good optics

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Small lens with good optics

First of all, a FF needs a 35mm.
I have been battling in my mind to get this lens or bite in to the 35L. Finally I decided to surrender to this cheapo and save some money for loved ones. It's about 1/5 the price! 35L is of course sharper and better built and has more pleasant bokeh, but the 35F2 is no slouch either. It is quite sharp right from F2 and bests at 5.6 where it's not inferior to 35L. Of course F2 is a bit of low contrast compared to 35L, but still very good (especially compared to 28 1.8, similar to 85 1.8 wide open), and there is some purple fringing. Many people worship the color, microcontrast, detais in dark regions, and the "3D look" of the L, but hey, I did a side by side comparison on these holy characteristics and did not really see any difference, at least at medium apertures (as I said wide open 35F2 cannot compete due to lack of contrast). Even the color when set with exactly the same settings are the same. So call me a fool but I don't give much credit to color charasteristics of the lens in digital era.
The buiild of the lens is OK, not stellar, but still better than 50 1.8. Its small package makes even my 5D2 an ideal daily walkaround camera, That's another advantage over the L. I carry this combo everyday to work since I bought the 35F2 and it even threatens to replace my GF1+20 1.7.


Bokeh is definitly less creamy than 35L, but not as much as a problem as photozone emphasized. Better than the Nikon 50 1.8. It only has 5 aperture blades(Nikon has 7), but I do find the pentagon light balls very attractive compared to heptagon or octagon. It's a tiny lens, but also on the ugly side. In contrast, the 35L looks like Miss Universe. Even the 28 1.8 is much more handsome and features a USM. The focus could be a little bit loud in quiet enviromment when the lens goes from close distance to infinity, otherwise it's not as disturbing as many people mention.
I have read some reviews saying they had problems with sharpness wide open and some do not. I think there is some sample variation between the old models of this lens and newer ones. (Lenstip mentioned such problem with the 85 1.8) Mine seems to work alright.

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Re: Small lens with good optics

I bought this lens for my Canon 6D as additional one to use it for street photography instead of Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM, which I had got with 6D. It's small and quite fast so I can use it easily. Now, this set remains me, old times when I had started my semi "professional" photography with East German made camera EXA 500.

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