Now yes, this is the camera I was waiting for.

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michael farrier New Member • Posts: 22
Now yes, this is the camera I was waiting for.

After the great experience with the SD14 I can say that the SD15 is even better.
Electronic improved, much faster processor, better noise treatment, very smooth in all
the aspects. Dynamic range excellent, colors very naturals and reals.
Pics looks great . The leaves , flowers , trees at landscapes looks naturals and clears.
True colors sharpness and very high definition. Its a marvel.
Next step is the SD1 46 mgplxs. but much too expensive yet.
I want to confes that I purchased the body only new (neuware) in Germany for 569.00€
I still can not believe it.
But for the SD 14 3 years ago in Cameta camera I got it for 495,00€ raf. 650,00$
With the lens 18-200 OS .
These cameras are underrated and undervalued. but i thing that Sigma has realized that factor
and the new Sd1 or is overpriced or is a challenge .


definitely I do not like the APS sensor size , specialy for th ratio convertion for the lenses
Its a pity , the loss of deep of field & the difference between the lens focal distance and
the reality in that case ratio converter * 1.7 . the sigma lens 15-30 ex in the real world
is a 25 - 51 ???? . I know that is common in all the brands but my conclustion is
the pics quality are very accurate and improved a lot but he cameras with APS sensor
are a great disadvantage . less megaplixels and bigger sensors Pls. in a reflex camera.Cherrs.

Sigma SD15
5 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 20, 2010
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