Great little camera

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Great little camera

I bought this machine for taking pictures in rough conditions where the camera has a high chance of getting smashed. This is a very cheap machine, and to my great pleasure takes quality snaps even in low light conditions. Reasonably easy to set up, and relatively easy to alter settings on the fly, it's quite versatle. Up until ISO 400, there isn't much noise, and the basement pictures I've taken are quite crisp.

And I regard an optical viewfinder as an important item. And chessy as this one is, it works, and helps me steady the image. On occasion I turn on the display, and that's an easy thing to do as well. So far the first set of batteries has needed no recharge, and that's after over 400 pictures taken.

If the machine was more expensive, I wouldn't rank it s high as I do. lack of Raw support is something I'm not used to, and it makes a difference. But for this price, it's well worth the 4.5 stars I'm giving it.


Previous models of the Powershot series that I've owned had great printed manuals. This one only has a printed Start up guide, which doesn't cover everything, and the full manual, supplied on the CD is no great shakes either...

Canon PowerShot A1200
12 megapixels • 2.7 screen • 28 – 112 mm (4×)
Announced: Jan 5, 2011
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