Panasonic G3, Technical excellence, less than wonderful ergonomics

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Panasonic G3, Technical excellence, less than wonderful ergonomics

The inside story: The technical and performance aspects of this camera are really excellent. Good EVF, good monitor, very good AF speed and accuracy, very good MF operation, fast shot to shot times, very good image quality even at high ISO settings. IQ is only let down by limited dynamic range.
The outside story: In other words the user experience or human machine interface (HMI) in ergonomics jargon, is rather less appealing. The grip is small and provides limited purchase for the right hand, the rear control dial is small and awkward to use. Starting with the normal shooting hold, I find I have to completely change grip with my right hand to get the tip of my thumb onto the rear control dial and operate it. My thumb cannot discriminate by feel which of the 4 way controller buttons I am pressing. A saucer shaped 4 way controller as used by several other camera makers is much easier to operate by touch. No back button AF start and no option at present to configure the red Video button for AF start in still photography.


With the camera, none. But the supplied 14-42mm kit lens has an intermittent sharpness problem with double registration of small subject elements, possibly related to problems with OIS operation.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3
16 megapixels • 3 screen • Four Thirds sensor
Announced: May 12, 2011
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