Great compact manual digital

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Great compact manual digital

I have been using this camera for a few years now and it's a great manual compact point and shoot. It is very versatile with some limitations of course. The ISO only goes up to 800, and it doesn't have image stabilization making the use of a tripod a must. The screen can move around which is nice because you can capture people in their true elements while traveling. There 5 different levels of manual settings letting you control how much control you have, plus there is the preset settings if you need a quick shot like underwater, snow (everything most digital cameras have). The manual levels in this camera are pretty amazing for the compact camera. If you don't want to lug your equipment around with you everywhere this camera is the way to go, or if a family member is getting getting into serious photography, this is a great start.


No image stabilization makes taking some shots near to impossible without a tripod. The flash isn't great.

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