Brilliant for its time

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Brilliant for its time

I purchased my PhotoPC 500 in January 1997. I can't remember the price (although I do have the CC bill packed away somewhere as an historical document) but it was in the region of 350 to 400 UK Pounds.

Mine came with the standard memory but a couple of months later I upgraded it to the maximum allowable. I chose this camera over the Casio QV10 because it had a higher resolution.

The camera worked flawlessly (and still does - I still have it, the only old digicam I still have). I used it on a photographic project so I know I took just over 8000 pictures with it.

The one thing I loved about this camera was the colour reproduction. It's just a shame the JPEG compression is so high which leads to lots of blocky artifacts. I soon realised what a great camera this was when I bought a Sony Mavica as its replacement. Big mistake - same resolution but not as compressed, but the colours were so washed out. Yuk.

I've given this camera 5 stars in the context of the time I bought it.


A 15 year old digital camera will have lots of problems in comparison to what's available now.

Epson PhotoPC 500
0 megapixels • 43 mm
Announced: May 1, 1997
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