Great mirrorless system, good starting camera

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Great mirrorless system, good starting camera

So having had this for over a year now I can report it is holding up well. Nifty enough to make me sell up my old Nikon system (D70 etc) and invest in different lenses: I started with a 16mm E (for indoor use) and moved to am 18-55 (light travel) then 18-200 (long travel) as well as a multitude of inexpensive MF lenses (28, 35CCTV, 45, 50, 100, 200, 400...) which are all great fun.

Pros: small enough to take with you most of the time eg walks (fits in a bumbag with almost any lens)
+ adapters to fit most existing lenses
+ IQ, especially in low light
+ Sony firmware updates esp focus peaking!

Cons: battery cover looks like a future failure point
- proprietary flash connector is a bad design idea
- sensor antishake would have made lenses simpler and provided antishake for all the 3rd party manual lenses that fit the NEX system
- Navigation would be better if there was another custom fn
- Sometimes hit the movie record button by mistake (why not a play/still/video switch?)

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