target for veteran, design for newbie

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target for veteran, design for newbie

I use nik since F2. I use almost all mirrorless: nex 3/5, pen 1/pl1/pl2/pm1. I use dSLR : 300D to 5D2, E1 to E3, E410 to E620, D40 to D700. Now it's time for BOTH J1 and V1.

J1 designed for newbie and it holds. Easy to use. Guarantee good pictures almost all the time. File quality better than compact while size & weight the same. You can bring J1 to you almost everywhere and get satisfaction and happiness back. Everywhere from sit-down formal dinner to jungle and hill trip.

V1 is heavy. NO FLASH. OVER-PRICED external flash that's just 'a little bit brighter than firefly' and pull LOTS of power from camera battery. Olympus and Sony give you BETTER flash for FREE when you buy Olympus Pen or Sony NEX.

Battery is heavy. Use it on D7000 and you get 1,000+ pics. Use it on V1 and you last only 300. Use it with that defect-by-design flash and you're finished.

Very confuse menu & button, to say the best.

Stay away from V1, live with J1 if it's your first camera.

If you're nikonion and already have some lens, just buy v1 and 10-30 kits & (over priced) FT1.

The only reason I keep V1 is to use it with 300mm f/4 ED-IF VR. The combo is 800mm f/4 equivalent for money less than a TC-20E III.


Overpriced "firefly" flash that has no high speed sync. VERY confused menu & button & mode selector. Unable to close LCD. Unable to lock control dial & mode selector. Unable to reassign button.

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