Either mine came broken or this camera is horrible

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Either mine came broken or this camera is horrible

This camera seemed like the perfect travel camera for family trips involving water. I was very excited to buy the camera and picked one up a few weeks ago at Costco at what I thought was a reasonable price. The short version of my experience is this camera is a complete disaster despite what seems to be wonderful build quality for a point and shoot. Problems are detailed below but short version is I am a pretty experienced photographer and have never been more disappointed in a product. I really hope I just got a dud and the rest of you do better but given some of the design issues with the UI...I just honestly hope Costco will take this one back.


1) Photos is any setting are shockingly blurred. My guess is something is wrong with my copy of the camera. Without the flash on the photos look like they were hand-held at 2 second exposures.
2) With the Flash on the shots look like the flash is synched to a secondary curtain producing blurred double exposures.
3) Noise at even 400ISO is unacceptable.
4) User Interface is iffy at best. Probably something that could be addressed in a firmware patch but moving through shooting modes is a clumsy task but absolutely required as Easy Auto blows shots often and Auto doesn't give you the control you need easily. Settings of value are buried in Menu choices (e.g. single shot, etc) and getting this thing ready as you need it is a pain. Most likely this is due to minimizing the number of buttons on the exterior for weather proofing purposes but if you like some control of your camera this one will anger you often and the automatic choices it makes are as bad as the focusing.

Nikon Coolpix AW100
16 megapixels • 3 screen • 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Announced: Aug 24, 2011
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