Buyer Beware, Panasonic Warranty Worthless

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Buyer Beware, Panasonic Warranty Worthless

Buyer Beware! Panasonic will not honor their warranty!
I am very distressed that I am forced to post this complaint about Panasonic not honoring their explicit warranty on a Lumix DMC-TS3 “underwater” camera.
I am an experienced underwater photographer with three underwater cameras and 9 years experience. I have never had a case leakage or any damage to one of my cameras. I know how to care for expensive camera equipment at the beach and underwater.
I purchased a new Lumix DMC-TS3 “underwater and 6 foot drop proof” camera for my wife to use. She is also an experienced photographer and knows how to care for a camera. We liked the Lumix as an easy to use light weight simple point and shoot for shallow water snorkeling. One its first trip, only 6 weeks old, it failed after only 7 days of shallow snorkeling. It was never more than 6 feet underwater and at all times cared for exactly according to the manual. It was never dropped or otherwise damaged. I was sorry it failed so soon on its first trip but we did have our larger underwater cameras so I was not too concerned. I was sure Panasonic would replace or repair the camera and I would have been happy with that.
I returned the camera as instructed to Panasonic certain they would honor their warranty and advertising. I was shocked when they called and said the warranty was void because there was “condensation” inside the camera. I carefully explained that the camera was cared for exactly according to their manual and should be under warranty. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they would contact me in 3-4 working days. They never called or emailed me. I then called Panasonic warranty service two more times. Each time I got the same answer: the warranty was void and someone would call me but no one ever did. I am now left without a camera. I would never buy from Panasonic again and caution anyone else considering a purchase from them. If you do not care about a warranty and possible early camera failure then buy Panasonic, otherwise BEWARE PANASONIC. I have now found numerous other complaints on the web about the exact same treatment from Panasonic. This appears to be a corporate policy and not an isolated incident.


failed after 7 days of very careful, gentle shallow snorkeling, less than 6 ft water. Panasonic refused to honor warranty "condensation in camera". It was cared for exactly as their manual states and I have 9 years UW camera experience and never a case leak or damaged camera.If an UW camera seal fails what else would you expect but condensation inside! They are saying that if the water seal fails and condensation forms then the warranty is void even though they have an express warranty for 40ft of waterproof usability.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS4 (Lumix DMC-FT4)
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