HG-20 Review Mark Ingy

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HG-20 Review Mark Ingy

I like the GPS features. The zoom capability on ths camera, for the price, is GREAT. Battery lasts for a good time, but I recommend extra one if you do a lot of zooming (same issue as previous camera). I think the buttons are fine for their location. I like the features of selecting different options to meet photo opportunities. It take great videos, especially at concerts, the sound is good. I think the pictures are sharp as well as the videos. I take videos while I play tennis and like that I can zoom in and play back frame by frame with clarity. Best picture function works well too.


I thought the black metal case was a little slippery. I put stick pads where fingers hold camera to prevent it from slipping out of my hand. I wich this had a sound only function like other Casio camera.

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