Not really waterproof nor weatherproof camera, Last for only a year.

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bongeez New Member • Posts: 4
Not really waterproof nor weatherproof camera, Last for only a year.

Picture quality is great but not an ideal outdoor camera, which defeats the purpose of being called as a waterproof.

Sudden change of room temperature creates condensation inside the lens. This condensation, overtime, can mess up the circuits due to rust. If you call the Panasonic support, they will just tell you that it is normal for the condensation to happen. That is a big lie. Return the camera right away and demand a refund since that no waterproof camera should have condensation inside.

I attempted several times to get this replaced but to no avail. They always tell me that they will give you me a refurbished camera rather than a replacement.

If you want a more reliable and a real waterproof camera, get the Olympus brand who started the waterproof and shockproof portable mini cameras. The one we have has been working well no matter what temperature you bring it in. It is now about 4 years old and we never have any kind of problem such as the silly condensation issue with the Panasonic camera.


Condensation and last only for a year.

Last thing you will notice is that the power is the only one working. all buttons will suddenly just not work.

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EuclidesGBM New Member • Posts: 4
Re: Not really waterproof nor weatherproof camera, Last for only a year.

Well... I have one and love it... i have it for 5 whole years, used into the sea, in pools, dropped as hell... As far as I can tell it works perfectly... mine had a moist gauge so that the moisture in the lens wouldnt go into the circuit, also the moist was minimal and only happened when it was exposed to REALLY LOW temperature...
Probably you were unlucky... and they didnt accept that it was a factory defect :/

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