This digital camera reduces my need to use 35mm film cameras.

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This digital camera reduces my need to use 35mm film cameras.

It has a sufficient quality and number of pixels to make not quite perfect glossy 8" by 12" prints; which product is the entire point of photography as I see it. A 35mm camera with medium speed film can make the same product but it entails the inconveniences of film.

A 35mm camera with fine grain film can easily produce 12" by 18" prints with proper scanning. And a 120 film camera will make 18" by 27". The original Canon Digital Rebel is a great bargain for complementing the capabilities of good film cameras.

I enjoy everything about the handling and controls of this Rebel. But it is slow to transfer pictures by way of the usb cable. I put a 1 GB Compact Flash card in it, and would like to not continually remove and reinsert it. Maximum zoom on the rear screen lets me see the saved picture at full print size.

The IS lens (18-55mm) lets me shoot art work in a coffee house with reduced light (LV 4.5).

My Digital Rebel works well with the free UFRaw software for post processing. The free software color matrix borrowed from the work of David Coffin makes pleasing color even compared to the ICC calibrations from Canon. But I had to research the natural calibration for the exposure setting and white balance. For a ColorChecker 24 photographed against a dark background, the exposure setting in UFRaw should be -1.36, the temperature setting should be 5660, and the green balance .98. The exposure setting needs to be higher for most photographs.Or just put the white level truncation to the very top of the histogram by using the exposure slider. I use the "absolute colorimetric" setting for color intensity.

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