Very happy with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7

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John Webster New Member • Posts: 8
Very happy with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7

I bought this camera last April and took it to Catalina Island for a 4 day stay. I shot over an hour of HD video and took about 400 stills. 1080x1920 video, MP-4, is a thing of beauty. With a mini hdmi to regular hdmi cord (an extra) you can view your video immediately on a HD tv without going through a computer. Loading your video and stills into the computer allows you to edit and easily polish your presentation. Forget trying to take stills at sporting events---you just shoot HD video, play it back and stop-start until you find the perfect frame, do a print screen, and paste it to an imaging program like photoshop. There is enough quality to make a good 4x6 inch photo. The color is great and the exposures are accurate. To maximize your shooting experience it is good to lock yourself in a quiet room for an afternoon and read the instructions (download PDF) and practice shooting a variety of subjects under different lighting conditions. The auto-focus is accurate and fairly fast but it will "hunt" if there is strong backlight.


I did get a tiny dust spot on the sensor which is not a deal breaker since it is slight and only is visible if I have a clear blue sky in the top two thirds of an image (I hardly ever compose that way). Keeping the camera in a clean hard-shell type case (I use an old glasses case) will reduce the chance of dust getting around the lens and getting sucked into the camera when you zoom (the zoom action creates a vacuum around the lens barrel so keep the front of the camera dust-free).

Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7
14 megapixels • 3 screen • 25 – 250 mm (10×)
Announced: Jan 9, 2012
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