Great "real-life" modern day camera... Revival of the P&S

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Great "real-life" modern day camera... Revival of the P&S

Let's cut to the chase, this is a POINT AND SHOOT camera , it shares practically most features and specs from the Samsung WB850F, but in this day and age, almost ALL P&S users are taking photos for online sharing, or sharing in general, a space where almost all higher-spec'd cameras can't deliver without an expensive wifi card and accessory.

The Galaxy Camera is basically an S3 + WB850F fused together. However, the easy-to-use touch-screen UI coupled with internet connectivity and the large screen cannot be praised well enough until you've used it as a travel camera for several days or so.

My 8yo son won this camera from the just-concluded Samsung Little Artist Facebook promo and along with 4 other kids (aged between 5-10), EVERY KID was able to use the camera with ease. The photos are P&S quality with a very flexible zoom range (the 24mm is a godsend for tight quarters).

There are shortcomings, of course, primarily with the low-light performance of a small sensor, relatively aggressive noise reduction, processing time of the special scene modes, and AF accuracy at over 200mm equivalent, but nothing too serious for the target market.

The movie mode, especially the slow-motion, is a joy to use, and the shot-to-shot time is pretty fast.

Battery life is an issue with a big screen and powerful computer, but only evident if you turn the data on and review photos/videos often. With normal shooting, it'll last you about 2/3 of a day of shooting without flash. FYI, the Galaxy S2's battery works with this camera, albeit a slightly tighter fit.

The inclusion of full Android system is really a big convenience for most users, not only with uploading to social media, but also sharing photos via Bluetooth, simultaneously sending a captured photograph to multiple Android devices within the same WiFi network, etc. makes sharing party and travel photos to friends a piece of cake without the need of saving a copy with a SAVE AS command on the computer.

You have 2GB++ of standard internal storage if your MicroSD card becomes full, so that's a big relief if you don't have access to extra cards.

It's a great piece of kit for everyday use and the traveler. I'm sure bloggers, foodies, etc. will love this camera. Kids love it as well because of everything else you can do with it.

I'll provide a full review over at in a few days.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 4G
16 megapixels • 4.8 screen • 23 – 483 mm (21×)
Announced: Aug 29, 2012
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