Unimpressive performance

Started Dec 30, 2012 | User reviews
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Unimpressive performance

I got this camera for testing it for some days. It performs pretty disappointing and there are other things I don´t like.

Stills quality:
Looks undersaturated, can be corrected a bit in the menue, then colours are ok. Sharpness is not that impressive, images seem to soft and muddy, at least when shooting JPEG. RAW performance is a bit better but not that much. The camera comes supplied with Phase One Capture One 6 but this can´t do magic. High ISO performance is pretty mediocre for this price. At ISO800 and above noise is clearly visible.
I tested it against a Canon Rebel T4i and the Canon beats the Samsung with ease. Better noise performance and despite having 2MP less much more detailled images. Where the NX20 shows visible noise at normal viewing size(not 100 %) at ISO1600 the T4i shows no intriguing noise at all.
Considering that this camera costs about twice as the "little brother" NX1000 with the same sensor I ask what Samsung thinks justifies this price premium. It isn´t even better when shooting in continuos mode.

Video quality:
Thin sound, low bitrate for audio and video. Seriously, in times of cheap memory, who needs a video bitrate of only 10MB/s and 128kb/s audio? Even some mobiles perform better here. So too much compression kills the details. Autofocus is audible and often loses focus. Light-sensitivity is poor so the camera often records a too dark image in not that good lit rooms.
You can control shutter and aperture but overall the video mode is crippled. I tried Samsungs external microphone but the audio is even worse with that. For unknown reasons Samsung only offers this microphone for the hot shoe and the camera has no 3,5mm mic input. I compared with NX1000 and this has ways better sound. Come on Samsung, you can´t be serious.

Feels pretty cheap, not like a premium camera. Wheels and buttons are pretty unpleasant to use. The AMOLED display may have good colours and viewing angle but the sharpness isn´t that impressive. The viewfinder isn´t either.
The kit lens does not zoom smooth. I don´t like the loud and high-pitched shutter noise which is even louder than this of the T4i - the NX1000 is ways quieter. Samsung claims this shutter can go up to 1/8000 instead of the 1/4000 of the smaller cams - I highly doubt the use of this.

I don´t recommend this camera. I don´t see any reason to get it. IQ isn´t good for stills and videos and the lens offerings for the NX system are still poor. The competition offers way better cameras for the same or even less expensive prices. Overall this camera feels like a "me too" product and not a serious tool for photography.

Samsung NX20
20 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Apr 19, 2012
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