Actually I really love it...

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Actually I really love it...

I really love this camera. Remember that we have to judge it based on the catagory that it fills. First I will adress the build quality. It is simply outstanding without a doubt. Built great, feels great. A true pleasure to use due to the solidity, materials and architecture. A camera that you really want to pick up. Very easy to seamlessly interface with your intent and become one with. Controls are thought out well. You can merge with this camera and do any shot from super macro to super zoom. Of course the issue is how well it performs now that we have covered build and design.

I must say again that we have to remember the catagory of the camera and for one in this superzoon catagory it is really really good. I am quite suprised actually. The macro is simply wonderful. All the other ranges are quite good. If you wind out the lens all the way it is not so great but that is always the case unless you spent a lot of money. But even zooming very far in is better than I expected. Idealistically I would like more sharpness but it is fine and many times it suprises me. Also there are many settings and what I am learning is that they are the key to getting this camera performing to the max. The EXR propriatary function is really good especially for a person that is not so experienced or for situations where you need to shoot fast. The camera does very well in low light.

One thing is that you can bring the camera down to like 6 MP from 12 and then you change the nature of the sensor in terms of it's performance so that you can get better dynamic range at ISO 100 than you would with the sensor at 12MP. I really like the images when I go to 6MP..

So I think the camera is great if that is what you need.

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