A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

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ERgonomics and Handling

i'd like to see the up coming E-xx/xxx has the new improvement from the E-30 with current mixed combination of E-5 and the new Sony sensors with a bit slighter body from E-30.

From previous E-520 to present E-3, i have to say my finger was not sturdy enough to hold well the E-3 but find the E-520 was to "compact", so i find the E-30 seems more suitable.

So, yes the ergonomics and handling are one of things to consider

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Re: A question about a new E-XXX and E-X

aja2 wrote:

Looking like leather is ok; being leather is not.

But since we're playing this silly 'what if' game, why not just make it holographic instead?

LOL, holographs are hard to get a grip on, leather or not

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Ivo Verhaar
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Re: ERgonomics and Handling

Since i own an E-3 and no grip, it realy does not matter, the main thing for me is having a much better camera with possibly a more compact, lighter body, without loosing the weather sealing.

I have learned to appreciate EVF even if my E-3's OVF is glorious, it does not give a usable fast enlarged view, which i would prefer, the same applies to having a camera which is very very quiet. That shutter/mirror racket sounds noisy in some circumstances.

Ergonomic wise i would prefer as much on the outside without diving in menus as possible, Compact wise the oll Olympus E330 is a nice low profile camera, add a tilting evf and it is a gemm, but a omd with a grip is also very usable, would prefer a flash onboard though.

Again and again, form follows function, if it is wrapped in classic clad, i will not mind, but the design alone will definitely not make me buy it it is the inside which makes me want to pay top dollar.

If it is not there, i stick with my E-3 or if oly makes some HG/SHG zooms for m43 I might go for that route.

i am not a pro just someone who enjoys making some photos.  which by the way though we tend to forget is 99,99% of the people buying pro stuff, ok maybe 99,99% of Oly and 99,97% of Canikon.  I simply do not care if my camera is Pro or not, i bought it because it was a Tough DSLR with Oly colors. And i know having "pro" gear does not make me one either.

Just think about all those beautifull ferraris out there does not mean you are F1 driver.

But you can admire a nice piece of gear and enjoy it within your limits.

Lets hope of a superb piece or two of gear from oly making us 99,99% all happy to use our 43 lenses for a long long time.

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Re: ERgonomics and Handling

As far as I'm concerned, the next camera (presuming it really appears) has one task: keep current 4/3 owners in the fold. It's unlikely to attract new 4/3 converts in any significant numbers--perhaps a few will leak over from µ4/3 who've bought 4/3 lenses and want better focus performance.

Oly's business model is to attract compact and phonecam users to µ4/3. They're not going to pull dslr shooters from N/K/S, no matter how spiffy the lenses might be. They basically just need to keep us happy, which is to say offer one camera for everybody. Which also means none of us will get our ideal camera.

Within hours of its announcement, the first "What's next, after the E-#?" post will appear.

It's how we roll.



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declan79 Regular Member • Posts: 366
Re: ERgonomics and Handling

Couldnt agree more,that is why im thinking to swap my e3 with e30 to gain the ergonomic and handling eventhough will lose the :
-weather seal
-100%magnify ovf
In the mean time gain:
-3+true pic

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