Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

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tyyreaun Contributing Member • Posts: 523
Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

I'm looking to upgrade the LCD screen protectors on all my cameras.  I've used either hard plastic or thin film in the past, but I probably want to move to the optical glass ones.

Seems like there are three main models to go with - GGS (from Amazon), Vello, or Giottos.  That's not counting the variations within those, as GGS has at least 4 versions per camera, and Vello has 2.  Most of them have good reviews across the board, with common problems being difficulty of aligning them, and in Giottos' case, problems with the adhesive failing.

I'm sure someone has done a side-by-side comparison, but I can't find one online anywhere.  Can anyone comment on the comparative quality of the three, especially in regards to:

  • How well the transmit the image without color or geometric distortion?
  • Anti-glare properties?
  • Anti-fingerprint coatings?
  • Durability (scratch/shatter resistance)?
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Jim F
Jim F Senior Member • Posts: 2,481
Re: Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

I bought a Vello for my new Nikon D800E. Rear LCD cover snaps on. Nice fit; seems secure. Has a felt gasket on the inside around the edges to keep dust out. Black frame; very attractive. LCD images appear to be as bright if not brighter than original Nikon cover. I have not had it very long. But so far, so good. I did not apply the top LCD cover that come with it. No particular reason except i didn't think I needed it.

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Re: Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

Never had one on any of mine.

I have a D2XS and 2 D3s bodies, none of which have a single mark on the screens worth mentioning and I throw them in and out of bags with very little concern for their cosmetic wellness!

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Re: Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

I bought the GGS and it sat, unopened in the plastic container for a year. My camera is a Nikon D7000. Mostly out of boredom, I got a little tired of the funky plastic protector over the rear LCD panel. So, a year after buying it, I unpacked the CGS.

For such an inexpensive product, it sure is slick. In a techno sense. Great instructions and it really is two protector screens. I thought it only fit the big reaf LCD. There is a smaller panel that fits over the top Control Panel on the Nikon.

Neither of these will scratch like the plastic protector made by Nikon. The screens look clearer and brighter through the glass. It was easy to apply them both, and I ended up with no bubbles. I clean them regularly with a micro-fiber cloth and a drop or two of lens cleaner. After two months of use, no scratches on the glass. I'm a happy guy.

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overniteman Senior Member • Posts: 1,056
Re: Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

GGS from on my D700.

Island Golfer Senior Member • Posts: 2,847
Re: Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

Over the years I have used the Zagg screen protecto on several cameras; and never had an issue. But, I have considered using the GGS, as it looks pretty durable. Here is an interesting review that an individual posted regarding the GGS protector.

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glassjunky New Member • Posts: 16
Re: Glass LCD protectors - Giottos, GGS, or Vello?

Zagg invisible shield is crap.

I have it on my iphone 5.  It turns yellow in less than a year.

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