Comet Lemmon

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Comet Lemmon

I captured this image of Comet Lemmon  last evening.

I'd just got back home after being out shooting comet PanSTARRS from a local vantage point and just had time to set up my scope to catch a few shots of Lemmon low in the SW sky before it dipped below the neighbours rooftop.

scope = 25cm f/5.8 Newtonian, Eq mount driven but not guided
PP = Lightroom 4

(Sydney Australia)

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Re: Comet Lemmon

Very nice, thanks. 15 seconds at f/5.8 and ISO 8K must mean this is pretty dim. Was it naked eye visible?

OP Messier Object Forum Pro • Posts: 11,734
Re: Comet Lemmon

The coma of the comet should be visible from a dark location without aid.

I needed the long exposure to catch the faint tail. Unfortunately there isn't much contrast between the tail and the foreground sky light as the comet is now entering the twilight as it nears the sun


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