For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

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Re: Shoot both! Or not...the final image has little to do with the camera

Dave Sanders wrote:

flashdiet wrote:

I own a micro four thirds system that I've been using since Christmas. I have the omd, panasonic 14mm, Olympus 17mm, and olympus 75mm.

Great camera and a nice set of lenses. I'd also suggest the 45/1.8 if you decide to stay

I bought all of this new for $2200 through strategic rebate/deal hunting, all from authorized dealers. Took a lot of time but I saved $400 and I'm pretty proud of the deals I got. But I miss my canon 5d.

I believe it was Mike Johnston from The Online Photographer who speculated about what would happen if a competent photographer was blindly given any camera and forced to use it for a year. He noted that that person would probably find some things they really liked about the camera, some things that they were indifferent to and a few things that drove them crazy that they would find workarounds for. And, in the end, when forced to give the camera back, they would find that they had developed an attachment to the camera, as all artists do for a tool that serves them faithfully and allows the expression of their vision. Perhaps this is what is happening with your 5D...and perhaps you should give the OM-D a year.

I am thinking of going with used Nikon D600 and keeping it simple with a 35mm and 85mm prime lens which would come out to about $2100. If I sell all my m43 gear, I think I could get around $2100 back, which is a loss of $100, but its okay since I used a $100 gift card in the original purchase anyways (so I guess I would break even when I sell my gear?).

Great camera, but Nikon doesn't really have a decent, affordable 35. Go for the 28/1.8...great lens, great price. Add the 85/ class. You could even wait and pick up a D800 used, as it looks like it is yesterday's news with the d800e stealing much of its thunder. But add it to your OM-D, don't replace it with it.

Do you think this is a good idea?

No. Unless it is something that you think will result in a tangible difference in your photos. I see a lot of people take a lot of photos with a ton of different cameras, from low to high, and I can tell you there is absolutely no relationship between camera and quality of the final image. Craft? Talent? Creative vision? Oh yeah.

I need someone to convince me out of this. I keep buying new m43 gear, and I can't help but think that with the same amount of money, I could be buying full frame gear.

So? What need do you have that isn't being met by m4/3? Is it just FF envy? A lament for bygone cameras?

Don't get me wrong, I love my m43 gear. Its just that, when I look at the files from my old Canon 5d classic, I really miss the files.

Probably a sign that you haven't spent enough time with your OM-D files. Post is tricky business, no doubt, and it takes time to learn how to massage a file. You probably knew just what to do to make your old 5D files sing. So if you miss working with those files, buy a 5D. They are bloody cheap..not uncommon to see on craigslist for $500. Then when you get it, shoot it side-by-side with your OM-D...I think you'll be surprised.

The reason I moved to m43 was because I had a fear of getting up real close to people when street shooting. The OMD REALLY helped me overcome that fear, because now I use the Panasonic 14mm to take pics of people literally 2 to 3 feet from them.

Perfect. A camera that frees you to explore your creativity and advance your composition is adding a lot more to your end-product image quality than any camera can.

So my question is two-fold:

1. Is it a smart move to move from a kit where the majority of my money is in the lenses (I have $1400 in m43 lenses) to full frame, where the majority of my money is in the body(d600 is about $1600 to 1700 used)? I think I already know the answer to this.


2. Even if I am comfortable taking pics REAL close to people with the OMD, do you think I will get different/bad reactions from people when I use a DSLR? When I use the OMD, I get a positive reaction. People smile back, and some even pose for me.

I think this has a bit to do with the camera and a lot to do with your confidence using the camera. Gut it out. Stop buying stuff for m4/3 and start saving. In the meantime, shoot like crazy and learn the ins and outs of the OM-D files. By the time you have enough money to add a FF kit to your m4/3...well, you'll probably find you don't need it. Then blow the money on a trip somewhere interesting and shoot till you drop, beatific smile and all. May I recommend Hong Kong? Ridiculously photogenic, great food, and a populace that respects photography and those who pursue it. Trust me, better to spend money on experiences rather than things.

Lots of good points here, two I would reiterate would be 1. Buy the 45mm f1.8, that was my first lens with the E-M5, it really is a fantastic lens. 2. Take a trip to Hong Kong, it's a fantastic place for street/photography and also to buy photographic equipment. Fortunately I live within two hours of HK so quite easy for me.

If you must go back to FF why not the 6D? You can get new for under $2K, do you still have any EF lenses left over? I'm considering getting a 6D but I also plan to keep my E-M5 

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Re: For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

instead of moving back to dslr why dont you try olympus 12 f2 panasonic 25 f1.4  & if you have the old olympus 17 f2.8 you can also invest in 17 f1.8.when i first sold my dslr i have the same feeling but now iam satisfied .

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Re: For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

Nowisall wrote:

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

I add the Olympus 12/2.0 before giving up on the OM-D - superb street lens!

I think this lens could help your FF longing a lot!

My wife has an OM-D, and it really have improved a lot with the new lenses: 12, 45 & 75!

I love the 12, but it's not inexpensive. Your photo is somewhat intimidating, Sir! In a completely awesome way, of course...

That might be so ;-)!

But it is a really sharp shot, of me ;-)!

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Re: For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

Like most of us here on DPReview, I suspect you have G.A.S. (Gear Acquisitive Syndrome)!

I myself got into M4/3 with the E-P1 having been a Canon DSLR user for some time. I quickly found I hardly ever took the Canon with me anywhere (I had similar experience with a Sony NEX5 - but soon I realised the lenses were too big and sold it).

I sold the canon gear (7D plus about 5 lenses).

About 9 months ago I decided to have a go at some Professional photography and although by then I had an OMD, bought a 5DIII, 24-105, 14-40 and 70-200 plus flashes etc. This, I felt was necessary for appearance more than anything (plus the OMD can be a little slow sometimes).

Realising that the market is saturated with people trying to go pro, as well as finding my other business improving, I decided not to pursue this. Even though the 5DIII is amazing and the lenses awesome, I still decided to sell the lot - because I never wanted to lug it around. I also feel you look a real nerd using huge cameras at social events (why are DSLRs SO MUCH bigger than 35mm SLRs were??).

Just my view!!

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Re: For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

Pentax DSLRs are not that much heavier, or bigger, than SLRs. K-30 is a nice camera, with a more modern processor than its bigger brothers, the K-5 guys. Nice things like focus peaking, and its water-resistant.

My wife is thinking of getting one - she loved her K-5, but eventually got tired of its weight.

Just now she have turned to the RX100 to complement her OM-D (and her NEX-5N - has just the Sigma 30 and the impressive Sony 18-200), but there might be a K-30 coming one day ;-)!

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Re: For those who have FF DSLR AND m43 and love street photography

I don't think I've ever seen so many excuses for getting rid of a good DSLR. My OMDwill be here tomorrow, but I'm not getting rid of my 7D and it's glass. Who said you can't have the. Best of both worlds?

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A DSLR is a black hole that you throw money in to, and enjoy every minute of it!!!!

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