Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

Mr Sincere wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Nobody viewing the photos ever says 'They're beautiful! But was the camera attractive?'

Of course not. I was merely talking about how people react while you're taking the photos, and the way people react to you of course contributes to your final results.

Having an imposing presence with a big fancy camera can be either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how you want folks to react. If you prize relaxed candids, like I do, then the more discreet camera like the x100 is of course far superior.

But speaking from experience, if you need people to "fall in line" for more formal shots, it can be a bit of a pain when folks don't immediately take you as seriously. But I'm sure it's a non-factor for a seasoned professional who already knows how to heard the cats at a wedding.

Points taken. If the guests have had a couple of drinks and don't recognize a compact camera as that of someone taking serious photos, they may be less likely to cooperate, thinking 'oh this is just some schmuck from the other side of the family I don't know pestering me to be in a photo.'

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

BrianKraft wrote:

I don't actually care what anyone else thinks about those wedding photos-- not even the couple. As someone did point out, if you actually read what I wrote on that blog post-- it was not for the couple-- it was 100% for me. It was a very purposeful approach and clearly not for everyone's taste. I get that. I don't know what art is loved by everyone, anyway. But, I am actually very happy, as I did what I set out to do. That's all that matters.

Earlier I posted that if that was your basic approach to wedding photos then I wouldn't hire you. But - rather than amassing a collection of your own versions of the standard wedding shots you did put together a very off-beat collection of views and in that way I can understand what you were trying for, and you did it well for that purpose.

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

To all those that posted there learned opinions of how horrible the OP's wedding photos were and how they would never show them to a bride. CAN ANY OF YOU READ? The OP specifically stated they were for himself and basically no different than you or me enjoying photography. If you had looked at his site, you'd find the stereotypical wedding photos that you all seem to cherish.


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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

He's moved on to an X-Pro1, but this guy has used an X100 for weddings. He seems to be reasonable well regarded within the industry and occasionally writes articles for Professional Photographer magazine.



David Hardaway
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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?

I like the style and the idea behind the X100 wedding shots....

However, you can do much better with full RAW Full Frame cameras and then post process to black and white and add grain.

I would be very upset if my wedding photographer showed up with an x100 for a special occasion where second chances don't exist. Foolish, risky, and unprofessional.

Don't get me wrong, I love some of the images....  but those image are maxed out and can't be made better.  You can always go down but never back up.

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Re: Would you use the x100s for a wedding?


you can see some wedding's pics taken with a X100s in full HD on this link:


(Click on the image to zoom in).

Best regards, Did.

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