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Jim Bond Forum Member • Posts: 89

I am looking for good ND filters a 3,6 & 10 stop, who makes the best Heliopan or B+W ? I don't really care about cost I just want it to be sharp with little or no color cast .

tyyreaun Contributing Member • Posts: 508

I use the B+W 10 stop.  It's good, but might have a slight warming cast.  I'd guess Heliopan is better just because it's more expensive, but I've never tried one.

B+W 10 stop ND filter (non-MRC version)

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Tony_J Junior Member • Posts: 38

May I suggest variable ND grads? They are very convenient to use, and while more expensive than one fixed ND filter, are probably cheaper than several. Here's a very detailed review of  a few of the more popular brands: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nECdBiu5Rrw. Surprisingly, the relatively cheap Tiffen performs very well.

Kuppenbender Senior Member • Posts: 2,033

Not ND, but in this test of Polarizing Filters Heliopan didn't do so well. B+W (sort of ) came out on top and Marumi were surprisingly good.

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mbernard Senior Member • Posts: 1,080
Re: B+W

Kuppenbender wrote:

Not ND, but in this test of Polarizing Filters Heliopan didn't do so well. B+W (sort of ) came out on top and Marumi were surprisingly good.

I disagree with this test results. I have both the B&W and Heliopan polarizers and cannot see any difference in their quality apart from the fact that the Heliopan filter is a little bit warmer than the B&W, and it's a little heavier (more solid frame).

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