Digital Wallet?

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qtrim1 New Member • Posts: 2
Digital Wallet?

I'm not sure what to even call this type of product to search for it. I'm going on a trip, plan to take lots of pics. Want to be able to backup my SD cards to a portable hard drive without using a PC. I already have a drive if that helps. Any recommendations? Even a name for that category of device would be helpful. Thanks.

mbernard Senior Member • Posts: 1,092
Re: Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet is for shopping. I think that you ask about PSD (Portable Storage Device):

husky92 Forum Member • Posts: 61
Re: Digital Wallet?

I can't believe how hard it has been to find a device like this. Is this a dying market? Epson used to make the P-7000 devices that could backup SD and CF cards, but those appear to be discontinued. Is this just not something people are interested in? I'm going to Europe and planning to bring my Kindle Fire HD for internet and skype, but wanted to avoid bringing my laptop if I don't absolutely need it, but I need a way to backup my pictures. It seemed like a portable hard drive that doesn't require connection to a laptop would be ideal, but there just aren't any good options. The ones I've seen are obscure brands with horrible reviews on Amazon. What are others doing to backup pictures on a long trip?

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Re: Digital Wallet?

I chose the following storage device for my African Safari last June. I investigated with due diligence all the choices on this Adorama site. Read all the reviews pro & con, filtered out the BS. During the 2+ wks bouncing around with me in a Landrover, the 2730 performed without any burps. Prior to my bucket list Safari, I used the 2730 on a daily basis for confidence in its survival and how to use it--at the end of long day how-to should be second nature. The mini display screen images reaffirmed its proper function. Not inexpensive, but dependable--too many review comments for other devices had 2many negative vibes!!  The 2730 is an excellent standalone 500G HD for temp backups or storage when living with your PC at home. I forgot--fits into your jacket pocket, very convenient.

This is the 2730, with 500G, there is a 750G model.

This is the pdf manual:

General list on Adorama

Check out this replacement or backup battery for the 2730. I think it can have its output connected to the DC input of the 2730.

I have dealt with Adorama for ~2 decades, no hassles and free shpg!!!

enjoy irv weiner

Ivo Verhaar
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Re: Digital Wallet?

In the end you might want to get some extra memory cards, they take less space and weight in your lugage as any hdd solution.

and using multiple cards also helps to spread the risk of data loss... Better to have one corrupt 8Gb card as a 120Gb drive

If you own an iphone or samsung there are some camera connector kits out there which you can use to store photos on your phone, but be aware importing in apple might result in screwing up the jpeg to make it apple compliant, test drive that first please.

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Re: Digital Wallet?

You do not mention the camera you are using, but a further alternative would be to buy a camera with dual card stroage slots. Most models can be set up to allow writing of a back-up to the second slot.

vitebski New Member • Posts: 4
Re: Digital Wallet?

I am too in similar situation, while planing my family trip to US I need a good way to backup my photos. I has 2 basic requirements:

- Backup photos without laptop/notebook, as I will not bring one with me (I need that weight for other things)

- It's cost must not exceed 300$

After checking and trying many options I have found a solution that suites my needs. As everyone has smartphone today and most phones has USB OTG support, my idea is to use a card reader connected to my phone via USB cable from one side and portable hard drive with WIFI support (like this one) from another. This way I can use any file manager to copy files from my CF card to a wifi enabled HD. The same HD can be used by IPAD or any other tablet to view those images or other content such movies and/or music, its light, high capacity and cheap.

It not the fastest way indeed, but I don't care if it takes 10 or 40 minutes (I don't know the real numbers yet as I am getting my Seagate Wireless Plus drive in 3 weeks) to backup CF card content.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Digital Wallet?


This is an excellent question. I have had card failures on a trip. As someone says above, is it a dying market?  I suspect so.  Epson and Jobo (and others) used to make portable hard drives able to accept CF and SD cards to back up images.  I suspect that the reduction in the price of cards means people just buy more of them, but that does not provide a back up unless one’s camera has dual slots (or one takes a netbook).  Can one find them today; not that I have found. Epson makes a P-3000 Multimedia Storage Viewer, but at £350 it is more expensive than netbooks and with only a 40Gb HD is useless in the era of 24MP+ sensors.

I have a Jobo Ultra One Giga, which has a 80Gb hard drive, takes all the cards and is a simple back up device.  Is 80Gb enough? No, I wish they made at least 320, but they are no longer made.  It does not have an image view screen, but the simple screen does tell one that a back up is complete.  I have used it (and still do) in Patagonia, Peru, NZ, Europe and only last year in Venice.  It remains a key travel companion.   For me, not wanting to travel with a laptop, it remains an invaluable tool. Pity it is no longer produced.

So, what to do? Buy a camera with dual cards slots and lots of cards; possible, but not sound advice if you already have a camera. Buy an inexpensive netbook and portable hard drive; more bulk than is necessary.  Buy an ebay cast-off; reliability?

Anyone any other ideas?

Hope that helps.

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