Please talk me out of a 31 mm ltd... or?

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Re: Please talk me out of a 31 mm ltd... or?

Englund wrote:

Oh my, that was plentiful of good advice. I am still somewhat indecisive. I forgot to mention that I also have the FA77 and I love it.



Get it! Since the DA40 is a bit longer than the FA31, it will still have a different use

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Re: Please talk me out of a 31 mm ltd... or?

I have the 15, 21, 31, 43, 77 plus DFA 50 and 100. The 31 is the least used in my setup. When Out on a shoot, It is normally the 15 or 21 plus always the 43 and 77. Want to buy my 31mm rarely used. Ah, saving it for when the FF comes out. Then is will gain a life again.

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OP Englund Regular Member • Posts: 469
I did it!

Oh well, I'll eat porridge for a while, resistance was futile....

One of the first shots, not supersharp due to the jumpy subject matter...

Thanks for att your input!



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Re: I did it!

Lovely shot! Not difficult to see the rendering qualities of this lens.

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Kind regards

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A case of need or want...

I am satisfied my with DA*16-50, 60-250, FA*85

so I don't need the FA 31 or FA77

but that did not stop me wanting them - so I bought them - and NO regrets.

It's the FA43 I am wavering on - my 50's get little use so a DA*55 or FA43 is more difficult to justify.

So, doesn't matter if you need it or not - if you want it - just buy it.

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Re: I did it!

Well done, Mikael  and, obvious, that you have, at least, one  willing subject



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