"New" Canon XS (1000D) and New Year

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"New" Canon XS (1000D) and New Year

Please excuse the reflection, didn't realize until post production. This product stuff is a challenge.

The 300D finally died after 98,000 shots, two drops off a cliff and a brief encounter with the Atlantic Ocean. The Ocean was the final nail in the coffin. As a university student that's devastating since replacing it would be impossible financially, however my parents found a 1000D for about $100 and I grabbed it.

Here are a few pictures, to a new 2013 and maybe another 6 years out of this Rebel. I think my monitor calibration is off on the can, but please C&C if you wish.

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Re: "New" Canon XS (1000D) and New Year

The XS is a great pick up for $100...it is a very capable camera. I used mine for several years until it died.

I enjoyed the picture of the horse. Very nice.

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Re: "New" Canon XS (1000D) and New Year

I really like the shot of the horse. Sorry to hear about the 300D, you have to agree it had a storied life! As for product shots the book Light science and magic would probably help.

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Re: "New" Canon XS (1000D) and New Year

Did you give it a decent burial?

PS: you might be able to find a nearly-new one for $100 like did a few months ago. (Great Luck!)

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